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Water Tank Refurbishments - Manchester

At Tank Reline, we keep safety and compliance at the forefront of our operations. After previously executing a series of TMV installations through our parent company Titan Mechanical Services, our water storage specialist team were called into action to undertake work at an established college in Manchester. The project consisted of two core resolutions, these being the replacement of two hollow roof supports and the installation of a low-level access hatch to the cold water storage tank. Due to this tank feeding a potable supply to the colleges students and staff, it was pivotal that two new GRP solid supports should be incorporated to remove the previous threat of stagnant water developing within the internal beams. Following these new foundations being installed, a cleaning and disinfection of all internal surfaces was conducted to grant sufficient water hygiene standards.

As a safety-thinking company, we'll always prompt for a low-level access hatch to be installed to your water tank. Without a feasible point of entry and egress, future water tank maintenance and inspection procedures will be difficult to perform under a standard timeframe. Therefore, installations are well worth their cost in the long-run, which can be reduced further through Tank Relines comprehensive tank replacement package. To finalise this project, our engineers refilled and recommissioned the GRP tank, testing for any potential leaks in the process.



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