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Concrete Water Tank Leak Repair And Lining

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Tank Reline is a nationwide specialist in the repair concrete water tanks within the United Kingdom. If you're after an effective concrete water tank leakage solution, our polyurethane coating is the best long-term option to combat the threat of erosion, decay and system contamination. Once applied, our advanced polyurethane systems form a tough, durable, tile-like surface within the tank, which makes inspection and subsequent cleaning extremely easy. Our products are WRAS approved for use in potable water systems, and provide unbeatable long-term resistance to decay, corrosion and microbiological contamination. If you want to ensure waterproofing for your concrete water tank stand design, then we can support you with 50 years of industry experience. From concrete water tank lids to leak repairs, we're renowned experts in all aspects of concrete tanks.


From specifying a project through to completing works and beyond, our dedicated project management and engineering teams have years of experience in relining all types of water retaining structures. We work across all commercial sectors, so whatever type of tank you have, and whatever it’s condition, the team here at Tank Reline can help. We’re so sure of the quality of our products and the expertise of our team, that all of our lining projects are supported with a 10-year guarantee.


If you require support in relining your concrete water tank then get in touch today and let our expert team guide you through the process.

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Why do concrete water tanks need relining?

Can a concrete septic tank be repaired?

How do you repair and seal a concrete water tank leak?

Concrete surfaces within a water tank are particularly susceptible to deterioration and decay over time. This can create areas of stagnation within the tank, which can lead to significant microbiological growth, and potential failure of the tank. However concrete tanks by their very nature are difficult to replace, because of the engineering difficulties involved. So, relining concrete tanks has become the preferred option for most facilities managers in recent years. The key is to use an expert team such as those within Tank Reline, and ensure a suitable product is used to protect the tank long term, such as a polyurethane.

Like all cold-water storage tanks, concrete septic tanks can be restored to full operational capacity in most circumstances. The process is the same as any other tank, except a thorough clean and disinfection process is needed first, to remove all organic matter from the internal substrate. Once that is complete, then your concrete septic water tank can be repaired and relined with a polyurethane paint in a normal way. Once complete, your tank will have a solid internal lining that will last for the long term.

​There are a number of stages to relining a concrete water tank. Here are just a few of the various elements that could be included:

  1. Drain the tank and thoroughly clean the internal surfaces

  2. Undertake localised repairs to any damaged areas of concrete using approved products

  3. Once the repairs have properly set, undertake a stripe coat of all joints, bolts and other protuberances using a polyurethane

  4. Reline the tank with two coats of polyurethane to provide a robust, long-term lining to the tank

  5. Complete the works by undertaking a spark test to ensure no pin holes are present in the new coating