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Tank Reline are the UK’s leading specialists in the protection of cooling tower fans and evaporative condensers. Inside a cooling tower, it's crucial that any scale is eliminated and a cooling tower risk assessment is put in place to monitor conditions or potential repairs. For over ten years, we have led the market with our own brand WRAS-approved polyurethane systems, delivering long term solutions to the risk of corrosion and erosion within all types of cooling towers. With naturally setting chemical properties, this cooling tower paint can provide the perfect sealant for a leak repair, whilst ensuring that prior performance levels are achieved. Cooling towers are often a critical component within any facility, so it is all the more important that when maintenance activities are required, such as relining, that the correct products are selected and applied by experts, to provide a long-term solution. As a part of our turnkey tank replacement package, we can also provide an expert cooling tower cleaning and disinfection service. This will ensure your cooling tower has been left with the most optimal water treatment measures before being recommissioned.


Our cooling tower reline services will not only give your cooling tower a new lease of life by improving compliance, but they will help to dramatically improve the efficiency of your water treatment programme. All of our relines are backed by our 10-year guarantee, and with over 50 years of engineering expertise in cooling tower or cooling tower sump projects, whatever your needs, our team can help.

We operate nationwide. Setting the industry standard for cooling tower services in the likes of Yorkshire, Staffordshire and Wigan.

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Why are cooling tower relines needed?

What Is the risk of evaporation in cooling towers?

How long will it take to reline a cooling tower?

Over time, the internal surfaces of a cooling tower can be prone to corrosion, due to their continual use and exposure to the elements. Corrosion within cooling towers is a major compliance risk, reducing the effectiveness of the water treatment regime and leading to increases in the microbiological activity within the cooling water, such as Legionella. It also increases the risk of leaks, which could lead to the cooling tower being taken offline, potentially costing a company thousands in lost productivity. It is therefore important to treat corrosion within a cooling tower at the earliest opportunity, with high quality products such as the WRAS approved Tank Reline polyurethane system.

Evaporation is a natural process that is inherent within most modern cooling towers and evaporative condensers. The process of evaporation poses a risk because it concentrates the organic matter within the cooling water, which can significantly increase the risk of unwanted microbiological activity. A further by-product of cooling tower design is the production and dissemination of microscopic aerosols. In a poorly maintained system, this can allow bugs such as Legionella to be released from the system, potentially infecting local users as they inadvertently inhale those aerosols.

Every cooling tower is different, and the time taken to reline it will depend on multiple factors, such as the materials of construction, condition of the substrate, size of tower, location and access. Our experts have been relining towers in the United Kingdom (UK) for over 10 years, so if you would like professional guidance on how to reline your tower in the shortest time possible, then get in touch with our team today.