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Potable water tanks, otherwise known as drinking water tanks, are a critical asset within many water systems. Tank Reline is the UK’s leading specialist in potable water tank services. From plastic potable water tanks to stainless steel drinking water tanks, we rarely come across a water tank issue we can't resolve. Operating throughout the UK for over ten years, we offer a comprehensive range of water storage tank repair, relining and full replacement services that can breathe new life into your potable water tank. Our high-grade polyurethane coatings can provide you with a cost-effective potable water tank liner that will avoid the need for a full replacement. Our coatings are WRAS approved for drinking water storage tanks and provide excellent long-term paint resistance from corrosion and microbiological activity. We are so sure as to how our products will perform over the long term, that all relines are backed with our 10-year guarantee. If a replacement is deemed as a more viable option, we can supply and install anything from plastic potable storage tanks to 10,000 litre tanks. During any procedure, we can fit temporary potable storage tanks to maintain the your facilities water supply. 


Whether your inspection regime has highlighted a problem with your potable water tank, or you were notified in a recent Legionella Risk Assessment, our friendly expert team can help with any questions. To discuss a drinking water tank reline, get in touch today. For relines, you won't find a better drinking water tank paint on the market.

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What is a potable water tank and why do they need relining?

How often do potable water tanks need relining?

How much does a potable water tank lining cost?

A potable water tank, otherwise known as a drinking water tank, is a storage tank that holds water intended for human consumption. Within commercial premises in the UK, it is generally preferred that all drinking water outlets are fed direct from a mains supply, rather than a tank fed system. However, a number of buildings still have potable water tanks that feed drinking water outlets, so special care should be taken to ensure they are maintained correctly, and the highest possible hygiene standards are maintained. This means that relining potable water tanks when they begin to show signs of corrosion or degradation, is of particular importance, to ensure the drinking water supply does not become contaminated.

We recommend that potable water tanks are inspected at least every 6 months, to ensure that any early signs of decay are picked up quickly. If it is determined that your tank needs to be relined to maintain compliance and extend is life cycle, then the right products should be selected. A specialist polyurethane paint like the one the experts here at Tank Reline use, will usually come with a 10-year guarantee, but should last even longer if the tank is maintained correctly. 

The price of a potable tank reline can fluctuate through variables including the size of the tank, the materials of construction, access, condition and structural integrity. However, our engineering team always seek the most cost-effective solutions for our clients. If you have a potable water tank that needs a new lease of life, get in touch and our team will be happy to help.