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Water Tank Internal Supports
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Tank Reline are the UK’s leading experts in the replacement of hollow supports within cold water storage tanks. Hollow water tank support beams are often installed in large water tanks, to provide structural support for the roof. Unfortunately, they can also provide the perfect breeding ground for the legionella bacteria, as highlighted in the HSE’s ACoP L8. Industry guidelines recommend that hollow supports should be replaced with WRAS approved solid supports, to remove the risk of stagnation within the tank. Whatever shape, size or type of cold-water tank you have, Tank Reline have the expertise to resolve the issue quickly and affordably. All replacements are undertaken by our highly skilled engineers, using only high-grade, WRAS-approved solid supports that provide the strength needed to support your tank long term, without posing any of the health and safety risks.


Have you been advised to replace the hollow supports in your storage tank? Tank Reline have specialised in all aspects of water tank repairs and installations since 2011, providing trusted and industry-leading solutions for a multitude of industry sectors throughout the United Kingdom. Get in touch today and our friendly engineering team will be on hand to find the right solution that matches your needs.


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Why do water tanks need internal supports?

What are the issues with hollow water tank supports?

Why does stagnant water lead to legionella?

How much does it cost for a water tank support replacement?

Internal supports are required in larger cold water storage tanks. Without sufficient internal supports beams, the weight of the water and of the roof would warp the structure of the tank over time, leading to a potentially catastrophic failure and inevitable leaks. Internal tank supports act as a stabilising force within the tank, helping the integrity of the tank to be maintained in a stable state, protecting the tank from long term structural defects.

The core issue relating to hollow tank supports is linked to the proliferation of the legionella bacteria within the tank. By their nature, these beams are hollow, and can therefore create an environment where stagnant water can accumulate, providing the perfect breeding ground for microorganisms such as Legionella. As a result, guidance has been included within the HSE’s ACoP L8 stating that hollow tank supports are non-compliant, and should be replaced with WRAS approved solid supports.

Stagnant water such as those areas found within hollow tank supports, promotes the growth of the Legionella bacteria. Standing water allows the bacteria the time it needs to form biofilms on the surface of the structure, which protect it from temperature fluctuation and chemical additives in the water. Other microorganisms are then attracted to the area which means they can very quickly become heavily contaminated with organic matter. Once legionella bacteria is present in large numbers, it can be disseminated throughout the water system, posing a serious health and safety risk to the building users.

The cost of replacing hollow supports will be subject to the size of the tank, access requirements and the number of supports that need to be replaced. Our engineering team can guide you through this process by surveying your tank and providing you with the most cost effective solution. If you're in need of a hollow tank support swap, get in touch for a free quote today.