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Water Tank Insulation - Installation Specialists

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If you require an insulated water storage tank, Tank Reline specialise in the thermal protection of water tanks  and their pipework, operating across all types of commercial facilities throughout the UK. Our team of engineers have the expertise for insulating a cold water tank, using a range of market leading products that improve system performance and reduce maintenance costs. Pipe lagging is a vital aspect to the performance of storage tanks, reducing thermal fluctuations and improving compliance. Our team has over 50 years of engineering experience that means we can coordinate projects involving copper, UPVC and steel pipes, along with a multitude of other tank services. Insulating a water tank features as an element of our turnkey tank replacement offering, where we will replace your old water tank with a newly installed cold water storage tank containing an array of added features.


Get in touch today to discuss your project and one of our friendly team will be happy to help. For all insulated water tank works, we'll only use the highest quality water tank insulation material. At Tank Reline, we focus on giving our customers the quality they deserve every time.


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Why Should I Insulate My Water Tank?

Insulating your water tank offers several benefits. It helps to prevent heat loss from the stored water, improving energy efficiency and reducing heating costs. Insulation also helps to maintain a consistent water temperature, reducing the risk of freezing in cold climates and minimizing the growth of bacteria and algae.

Is It Necessary To Insulate Both Hot And Cold Water Tanks?

Insulating both hot and cold water tanks is generally recommended. Insulating a hot water tank helps to retain heat, reducing energy consumption and maintaining hot water temperatures for longer periods. Insulating a cold water tank can help prevent condensation and maintain a cooler temperature, reducing the risk of bacterial growth and maintaining water quality.

Can Insulation Be Added To An Existing Water Tank?

Yes, insulation can be added to an existing water tank. However, the feasibility of adding insulation depends on the tank's design and accessibility. We recommend getting a survey from a member of our Engineering team to determine the best insulation method for your specific tank and to ensure proper installation.

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