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Water Tank Insulation Services

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If you require an insulated water storage tank, Tank Reline specialise in the thermal protection of water tanks  and their pipework, operating across all types of commercial facilities throughout the UK. Our team of engineers have the expertise for insulating a cold water tank, using a range of market leading products that improve system performance and reduce maintenance costs. Pipe lagging is a vital aspect to the performance of storage tanks, reducing thermal fluctuations and improving compliance. Our team has over 50 years of engineering experience that means we can coordinate projects involving copper, UPVC and steel pipes, along with a multitude of other tank services. Insulating a water tank features as an element of our turnkey tank replacement offering, where we will replace your old water tank with a newly installed cold water storage tank containing an array of added features.


Get in touch today to discuss your project and one of our friendly team will be happy to help. For all insulated water tank works, we'll only use the highest quality water tank insulation material. At Tank Reline, we focus on giving our customers the quality they deserve every time.


Scroll to see the some of the frequently asked questions surrounding water storage insulation

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Why does pipework need insulation?

How does pipework insulation work?

What are the benefits of pipework insulation for water tanks?

How much does it cost to insulate water tank pipework?

Pipework systems require insulation for several compelling reasons. In regard to performance, your water tank pipes will need insulating to maintain ideal temperatures and prevent thermal gain or thermal losses within the system. This prevents cold water pipes from freezing in the winter, and from getting too warm in the summer. As for maintenance, insulation is needed to reduce condensation on the pipework. This means the likelihood of subsequent corrosion to the pipework will be minimised. 

Pipework insulation works by providing a cover that thermally protects the pipes outer circumference. This insulation can also be applied to relevant fittings such as valves, joints and bends to improve the thermal performance of the system. Often known as pipe lagging, we'll use WRAS-approved foam tubes or foil faced lagging that have the properties to trap and conserve heat, prevent condensation and will even reduce noise stemming from the pipework.

  1. Prevents pipework freezing in winter and heat gain in summer

  2. Reduced risks relating to water hygiene

  3. Supports optimal system performance

  4. Improves lifespan of pipework

  5. Maintenance-free once installed

At Tank Reline, the cost of pipework insulation services is subject to certain conditions. This includes the size of the pipework, the quantity of insulation needed and the location. However, we operate nationwide, and would be happy to provide you with a quotation so if you're in need of an expert to help you with the insulation of your pipework, then get in touch.