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Tank Reline specialise in the modification of all types of pipework associated with cold water storage tanks. Our extensive range of services allow our engineering team to provide a full turnkey package relating to any water tank project, including the modification of any type of pipework. From dead-leg piping removals to system balancing, we can modify any type of pipework connected to any type of water storage tank, ensuring the risk of legionella is reduced and system performance is optimised. With over 50 years of management experience, we're able to modify any PVC pipe, sparge pipe, pipe tank connector or cold water storage tank overflow pipe to suit the needs of your specific system. As renowned experts in piping layouts, we can renovate all your water tank pipes to achieve both optimum performance levels and full protection from the development of legionella bacteria, which is a commonality with water tanks featuring dead leg piping. On top of this, Tank Reline can carry out high-grade water tank valve installations as a means of appropriate backflow prevention and water compliance measures.


If you require water tank pipework alteration services, then our specialist engineering team will be happy to help. We respond to over 98% of enquiries within an hour.

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With over 50 years of engineering experience, our specialist team have the capability to modify any type of pipework linked to a water tank. Across a variety of commercial sectors within the United Kingdom, we work with copper pipes, stainless steel pipes, PVC pipes, UPVC pipes, CPVC pipes, Polypropylene pipes and Cast-Iron pipes. All of which commonly feature within water supplies in commercial premises, especially in and around cold-water storage tanks. So whatever materials your tank and system currently have installed, we can help.

No matter what kind of pipework modification is needed, Tank Reline can provide a solution. Typically, our team specialises in dead-end pipework / dead leg pipe removals, mains conversions, valve modifications and pipe freezing & reorientation of tank inlets and outlets, to name just a few. The necessary pipework modifications on any project will differ based on the use and design of the system. If you have a project involving modification of water tank pipework, then get in touch for a free quote today.

In plumbing, a deal leg is defined as a section of pipework that is no longer in use within a water system. Visually, these pipes are capped off, hence why they are also referred to as dead end piping. They are considered a major water hygiene risk because whilst one end is capped off, the other is still connected to a live water system, meaning the length of pipe remains full of stagnant water, which is the perfect breeding ground for many types of harmful bacteria, including Legionella. To remove a dead leg, it's crucial the connected pipe supply is shut off, before manually cutting off or replacing the pipework back to the live source, so no stagnant areas remain.

Pipework freezing is a technique used to isolate the flow of water within a water pipe, through freezing the contents inside using specialist equipment. The purpose of this technique is to provide a temporary shut-off whilst modifications to the pipework or associated valves can be carried out. This is particularly useful when the isolation valves on a system have failed, allowing maintenance tasks to be carried out locally without the need for a full system drain down.