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Galvanised Steel Water Tank

Galvanised Water Tanks - Repairs & Lining

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Do you have an old galvanised water tank? Well, Tank Reline can combat the severest of conditions both smoothly and effectively. Galvanized water tanks are commonplace in the UK commercial market, but over time, they are very susceptible to internal corrosion and deterioration. This can lead to your galvanised steel water tank leaking, as well as posing a significant hygiene risk to the user, by providing a source of nutrition to potentially harmful bacteria, such as Legionella. If a galvanised cold water storage tank begins to deteriorate in this manner, then the only option is to reline or replace the tank. Tank Reline operate throughout the United Kingdom and are industry leaders in all aspects of cold-water storage tank repair and refurbishment. Equipped with a team of highly specialised engineers, we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and compliance. Using the latest polyurethane coating technologies. We offer full 10-year guarantees on all water tank relines and have the expertise to restore your galvanised water tank back to its former glory. If you choose our team to continually carry out the annual cleaning and inspection of these tanks, we'll extend the guarantee by 5 years! This galvanized tank paint is used to seal and repair even the severest of leaks, granting a long-term and sustainable leakage solution. If you would like a newly installed galvanized cold water storage tank, we offer a turnkey package featuring the likes of a temporary tank to maintain water supply.


If you're in need of an expert service provider for galvanised water tanks in the UK or would like more information on our water tank relines, water tank repair or water replacement services, then get in touch for a chat with our friendly team of experts.

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What Is A Galvanised Water Tank?

Galvanised Steel Water Tanks are large water retaining structures constructed of zinc-treated steel to lessen the risk of rust development. They are commonly seen installed within commercial water systems, across a multitude of industrial, commercial and agricultural sectors.

Can You Repair A Galvanised Water Tank Through Relining?

Yes you can! Despite the protective zinc layer, galvanised steel tanks can be very susceptible to corrosion over time. Once the corrosion sets it, it can spread fast and eat away at the tank’s substrate, causing leaks and posing a significant water hygiene risk. The most cost-effective long-term solution to a corroding galvanised steel tank is therefore to reline the internal surfaces with a WRAS approved polyurethane, like the one we use here at Tank Reline. It will bring the tank back to a pristine state and provide long term protection from the risk of further corrosion.

How Much Does A Galvanised Water Tank Reline Cost?

The price of a galvanised steel tank reline will vary with certain factors such as the tank dimensions, condition and access. However, wherever you're based within the United Kingdom, our estimating team will always propose the most cost-effective solution for your needs. 

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