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If you struggle with quick and easy access to your cold-water storage tank, then the installation of a low-level access hatch may be the most appropriate and effective solution. Tank Reline have specialised in all aspects of water tank access hatches since 2011, providing trusted solutions to our clients in a multitude of industry sectors throughout the United Kingdom. When it comes to confined spaces, we always advise a safety-first approach, which is why our engineering team recommend and install countless tank access hatches every year. Our specialist team have the expertise to undertake a feasibility survey to determine whether your tank can accommodate a new access hatch, and then provide you with the most appropriate and cost-effective solution. To complement your new water tank access hatch installation, you'll receive your very own photographic completion report, highlighting all of our project stages. If you're just after a repair for a current water tank access hatch, are experienced team are available throughout the UK for support.


Have you been advised to get a water tank inspection hatch fitted to your storage tank? Then get in touch today to and our team of friendly experts will guide you through the options available.


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What Is A Water Tank Access Hatch And Why Is It Important?

Access hatches are installed as a point of entry to and egress from enclosed spaces, such as cold-water storage tanks. They're not just important for health and safety compliance, but they make routine maintenance activities such as repairs or cleaning works significantly more efficient. Access hatches can help reduce time and cost whenever access to the internal structure is necessary.

Where Should A Water Tank Access Hatch Be Fitted?

Access hatches should ideally be fitted at a low level, close to the base of the water tank or any relevant structure. If the access point is situated at height, then additional precautions are needed to protect the operatives from the risks of falling. This adds significant time, cost and risk to the process, so installing access hatches at a low level is preferable to allow entry in a safe and efficient manner.

Can Your Water Tank Access Hatches Be Customised Or Modified?

In many cases, our water tank access hatches can be customized or modified to meet specific requirements. This may include adding additional security features, insulation, or ventilation systems, depending on the intended use of the tank and any regulatory or safety considerations. All of which can be determined through a free of charge survey by a member of our experienced Engineering Team.

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