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Since 2011, Tank Reline has been one of the UK’s leading water tank relining contractors. Our in-house team of experts have vast experience in providing a comprehensive range of turnkey solutions for the relining of cold-water storage tanks, cooling towers and other water retaining structures. We operate nationwide, with an extensive operational team led by our hugely experienced management team. 


Our specialist water tank lining and repair solutions use an advanced, high performance polyurethane coating system that will quickly breathe new life into failing and dilapidated tank surfaces with minimum disruption. Our specialist solvent-free coatings are WRAS approved for potable water, and offer exceptional durability and versatility that makes them perfect for coating a range of materials, including; glass reinforced plastic (GRP), concrete and steel. Our products perform so well over the long term, that a 10-year guarantee is available across all of our services.

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GRP Water Tank Surface Lining

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Two Applications Of  Polyurethane Coating  

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Why Do Water Tanks Need Relining?

Water tanks need relining for a variety of reasons, most of which relate to adverse conditions that have developed within the internal substrate, such as corrosion, mastic debonding and leaks. If left untreated, these problems generally increase in severity over time, leaving tanks prone to bacterial contamination and risk of failure. Relining of tanks is often more economical than a full replacement, allowing the main structure to remain intact, whilst renewing the internal surfaces back to a pristine state. Primarily, the main goal of relining is to ensure the tank is brought back into a compliant state in line with the recommendations of ACoP L8, and to extend the life span of the water tank by providing added protection from the risk of failure.

How Do I Know If My Water Tanks Inner Layers Need Relining?

As required in ACoP L8, the responsible person should organise or conduct regular inspections of the site water tanks to ensure that they are being maintained in a compliant state. Visually, after draining a water tank, a presence of internal erosion, deterioration or rust would indicate that your cold-water storage tank may need to be relined.

What is a Polyurethane Paint?

Polyurethane is a WRAS approved protective coating that, when applied to the internal surfaces of a water tank, will provide a flexible, long term coating that is resistant to inorganic acids, alkali’s, salts, bacterial growth and corrosion. Our own brand product Tank Reline 165 DWPU is a two-pack system and offers the highest level of long-term performance for your water retaining structure. Tank Reline 165 DWPU is WRAS approved and suitable for any domestic or potable water application. Once applied, it provides a tough, durable, tile-like surface, which makes inspection and subsequent cleaning extremely easy.

How Often Do Cold Water Storage Tanks Need Relining?

Generally speaking, we provide a 10-year guarantee on all standard relines, meaning you can be assured that the relining option is one that will provide you with the best long-term solution. Ultimately, it will vary from tank to tank, but once applied, your polyurethane coating can be expected to last long after your guarantee expires.