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We have over 50 years of unrivalled expertise in the tank relining industry. Our products perform so well over the long term, that a 10-year guarantee is available across all of our relines. Failed water storage tanks are a costly and time-consuming issue for any facility manager to deal with, so our guarantees help to bring peace of mind that the problem has been dealt with professionally, and for the long term.


Tank Reline is the UK’s leading water tank repair & relining contractor. Our in-house team of experts have vast experience in providing a comprehensive range of turnkey solutions for the refurbishment of cold-water storage tanks, cooling towers and other water retaining structures. Our expert tank relining and repair solutions use an advanced, high performance polyurethane coating system that will quickly breathe new life into failing and dilapidated tanks with the minimum of disruption. Our specialist solvent-free coatings are WRAS approved for potable water, and offer exceptional durability and versatility that makes them perfect for coating a range of materials, including; glass reinforced plastic (GRP), concrete and steel.


If you are interested in discussing your project with our professional and experienced team of engineers, then please don't hesitate to contact us.

Water Tank Relining

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