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Tank Reline have the expertise to repair or reline all GRP water storage tanks, anywhere in the United Kingdom. With over 50 years of engineering expertise in our team, Tank Reline can provide facilities managers with long-term solutions to any issue relating to GRP tanks, including; the blistering and cracking of internal surfaces, leaking joints or corroding steel supports & bolts. Since 2011, we've relined hundreds of GRP cold water storage tanks throughout the country using our unique range of solvent free polyurethanes, that provide unrivalled protections again corrosion and bacteriological contamination. Our products are so well suited to the relining of tanks, that we provide a 10-year guarantee on all projects. In some instances, replacing your GRP tank may be the most applicable solution to your issues. If so, Tank Reline has access to the UK's best quality GRP tank manufacturers, therefore we can source and install you with a brand new GRP one piece tank or GRP sectional water tank. Regardless, our engineers will always offer the most cost-effective solution following a survey of your site and an analysis your GRP water system.


If you require a GRP lining for your water tank or would like more information on any of our reline, repair & replacement services, then get in touch with the friendly experts in our engineering team today.

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What is a GRP water tank?

How do you repair a GRP tank through relining?

What would be the price of a GRP Water Tank reline?

A GRP water tank is as a water retaining structure constructed from sections of Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP). They are generally seen as a preferred long-term alternative to steel or concrete tanks, because of their resistance to issues such as corrosion, and their perceived longevity. A sectional GRP tank can be designed and built to almost any size, to suit almost any system, which makes them a popular choice with designers and engineers.

Whilst being seen as a robust long-term option, GRP tanks can be susceptible to cracks and leaks, and the internal steel supports can also be prone to corrosion. As an example, the gasket material between panels can degrade over time, causing leaks that can be very difficult to repair. When this happens, sometimes the only option can be to replace the tank or reline the internal surfaces with a suitable product, such as the Tank Reline range of specialist polyurethane coatings. These coatings are applied like a paint, and will seal the leak to form a solid, tile like surface within the tank, providing a long-term solution for any leaking GRP tank.

The cost of a glass reinforced plastic (GRP) water tank will fluctuate through aspects such as location and size, however we'll always provide the most cost-effective solution for anyone we serve. Get in touch today to get a quick quote on your project.