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Can I Get Rid Of My Cold Water Tank? - A Guide To Water Tank Mains Conversions

As Facilities Managers seek to optimise their buildings spaces and modernise their water systems, the question of whether to eliminate the traditional cold water tank in favour of a mains-fed system is becoming increasingly common. In this guide, we'll focus on the first frequently asked question: Can I get rid of my cold water tank? Moreover, we'll delve into what a mains conversion entails and highlight the benefits that come with making this transformation. If you hadn't previously considered this option and would like to discuss matters further with our nationwide specialists, then get in touch today on 01704 335801!

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Can I Get Rid Of My Cold Water Storage Tank?

Yes, you can eliminate your cold water tank through a mains conversion, providing an opportunity to enhance space utilisation, water pressure and overall efficiency in your facility. A mains conversion involves replacing the traditional cold water tank with a direct connection to the mains water supply. This modification eliminates the need for an elevated storage tank, creating a more streamlined and efficient water system.

Benefits Of A Water Tank Mains Conversion?

Space Optimisation:

Maximising Room Potential: Removing the cold water tank creates valuable space, especially in areas like lofts, where these tanks are commonly installed.

Enhanced Aesthetics: Enjoy a cleaner and more visually appealing environment with the elimination of a bulky water storage tank.

Improved Water Pressure:

Consistent Water Flow: Mains-fed systems typically provide higher water pressure, ensuring a more reliable and satisfying experience at all taps and appliances.

Ideal for Multi-Story Facilities: Buildings with multiple floors benefit significantly from improved water pressure, preventing the common issue of reduced flow on higher levels.

Reduced Maintenance:

Lower Maintenance Requirements: Mains-fed systems often require less maintenance compared to traditional tank-based setups.

Longer Appliance Lifespan: With a steady and pressurised water supply, appliances like showers are subjected to less strain, potentially extending their lifespan.

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Is it Possible to Revert to a Traditional Tank-Based System After Switching to Mains-fed?

Reverting to a traditional tank-based system after transitioning to a mains-fed setup is technically feasible but involves careful considerations. The process entails reinstalling the cold water tank, reconfiguring the plumbing, and assessing available space. Consulting with our experienced Engineers is crucial to evaluate the feasibility and potential challenges of the reversion. Before making any decisions, seek our professional advice to uncover the most cost-effective and practical solution for your specific needs.


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