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Cold Water Storage Tank Replacement Services

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Tank Reline are industry leaders in the replacement of cold water storage tanks. Providing expert solutions since 2011, we have the expertise to carry out any water tank replacement, wherever you're based in the UK. Whether your tank is corroded, leaking, oversized or simply past it’s best and in need of renewal, we can help! Every tank we supply and install is manufactured from WRAS-approved materials and fitted by expert engineers who specialise in water tank replacement projects.


We offer a full turnkey service in respect to water tank replacements, meaning our clients don’t have to look for specialist contractors to deliver different elements of the project. Our team have the skill set to manage all aspects of your project under one roof, including pipework modifications, decommissioning and removal of the old system, installation of bypasses, supply and installation of the new water tank, cleaning and disinfection, along with the final recommissioning. So, whatever your needs, Tank Reline have the experience to replace your CWST quickly, safely and cost effectively.


Scroll to see the range of services we can offer as part of our turnkey cold water storage tank replacement projects:

Newly Installed Water Tank
Installed Cold Water Storage Tank
Top of Water Tank
Water Tank Float Valve Replacement
Water Storage Tank Build
Dismantled Water Storage Tank
Deconstructed Water Storage Tank
Our Turnkey Service

How to Replace a Water Tank

Old Water Storage Tank

Drain tank and begin dismantling

 Remove old tank sections 

If required, undertake remediation to existing base

Build new tank in accordance with manufacturers guidance

Install a new lever ball valve

Insulate all pipework and label 

Fill new tank, check for leaks and operation of ball valve

Clean and disinfect before full recommissioning

Isolate supply to the tank

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How Do You Drain a Cold Water Storage Tank?

Draining your cold-water storage tank is the first stage of any water tank replacement project. To begin, the tanks inlet must be isolated, along with any booster pumps associated with the system. After this, the water can be safely drained out of the tank via the drain or pumped out using a submersible pump. We recommend this is done into a designated foul drain that has been checked to ensure it can cope with the volume of water.

How Often Do Cold Water Tanks Need Replacing? 

As a rule, the average life expectancy of a of cold-water storage tank will be somewhere between 10 and 15 years. This can differ significantly depending on the size and design of the tank, as well as the system associated with the tank and its location. However, regardless of these factors, regular and thorough maintenance can help tanks to outlast their expected lifespan and remain fit for purpose for significantly longer.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Cold Water Tank UK?

The cost of replacing a cold-water storage tank is dependent on a number of variables. Factors such as size, materials of construction, location, working conditions, available working hours will all influence how much it costs to replace your water tank. At Tank Reline, we have the expertise to offer a range of solutions for any failed tank, so you can be assured of always having the most cost-effective solution available.