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Tank Reline are leading specialists in the installation and repair of float valves / ball valves across the UK. Since 2011, our team of expert engineers have been helping our clients to keep their water tanks operating correctly by supplying, installing and maintaining a vast array of cold water tank ball valves across a variety of sectors, including education, government, retail and commercial property. We can supply a multitude of high-grade ball valves for water tanks, whether it's a part 2 ball valve, plastic ball valve, brass ball valve, pvc ball valve or stainless steel ball valve. Replacements are often a quick and logical solution for overcoming water tank balancing issues or issues leading to a system overflow, due to the ease with which the mechanisms can be swapped over and adjusted. Whether it's a replacement following a ball valve failure, or an upgrade to improve the function of the system, Tank Reline can help you to select the right product for your tank, and then install it with expertise. Using our renowned expertise, our team will always put forward the most cost-effective side entry or bottom entry ball valve solutions. 


So, if you are having issues with your water tank ball valve, why not get in touch today to speak with our friendly and responsive engineering team. Alternatively, visit our services page to learn more about what we do.


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What is a ball valve?

Why do water tanks overflow?

How to fit a ball valve in a water tank

How often do ball valves need replacing?

A ball valve or float valve is used within water storage tanks as a flow control appliance, which features a pivoting, spherical float to allow water in or out based on the current water level. The valve will respond to a drop in the water level by opening and encouraging flow to enter the storage tank. Once a predetermined level is reached, the valve will close off supply by reaching its shut-off position.

Cold water storage tanks will often overflow due to the use of faulty or deteriorated float valves. These flow control devices are prone to damage from the likes of limescale, grit or dirt, resulting in an inability to provide a watertight seal. On top of this, general wear and tear can crack or split components of the ball valve, effecting the standard of its function. If you want to avoid your tank overflowing, we recommend using a professional contractor like Tank Reline to carry out installation of your ballcock valve to ensure that the valve is suitable for the system and is installed correctly.

  1. Shut off mains supply to the system.

  2. Loosen the tanks inlet pipe.

  3. Detach the inlet pipe.

  4. Unfasten the retaining nut.

  5. Insert and attach the new float valve.

  6. Reattach the inlet pipe.

  7. Turn mains back on and test function of new ball valve.

Generally, we advise that routine ball valve inspections should be carried out at least every 12 months to assess their condition. As for repairs and replacements, correctly installed ball valves should not need to be replaced regularly, as long as they are subject to a robust maintenance and inspection regime. A properly maintained ball valve can last for years, if not decades.