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Why Is My Cold Water Tank Making Noise? Potential Causes and Solutions.

Cold water tanks are essential components of both domestic and industrial water systems, however these tanks can sometimes develop annoying noises, suggesting a prompt repair may need executing to avoid costs escalating. In this blog post, we will explore some common reasons why a cold water tank might be making noise and offer practical solutions to resolve these issues.

Water Tank

Water Hammer

Water hammer occurs when a sudden stop or change in water flow causes the pipes to vibrate, creating a loud banging noise. This phenomenon often happens when a valve is closed too quickly or when water flow changes rapidly, causing pressure surges.

Solution: To prevent water hammer, you can install water hammer arrestors, which are devices that absorb the shock of water flow changes, thus reducing pipe vibrations and noise. Additionally, consider closing valves slowly to avoid sudden pressure changes within the system.

Sediment Build-Up

Over time, sediment and minerals can accumulate at the bottom of the cold water tank. As water heats and cools, these sediments can create popping or crackling noises, resembling the sound of boiling water.

Solution: Drain, flush and chemically disinfect your cold water tank regularly to remove accumulated sediments. Doing this once or twice a year can help maintain the tank's efficiency and eliminate the noise caused by sediment build-up.

Loose Pipes Or Fittings

Vibrations from running water can cause pipes and fittings to loosen over time. When water passes through these loose components, they might rattle or vibrate, generating an annoying sound.

Solution: Check all the pipes and fittings connected to the cold water tank. Tighten any loose connections to eliminate the noise. Consider using cushioning materials such as pipe clamps to secure the pipes and prevent future loosening.

Faulty Pressure Reducing Valve

A malfunctioning pressure reducing valve can lead to excessive water pressure in the pipes, resulting in a humming or high-pitched noise.

Solution: Inspect the PRV and ensure it is functioning correctly. If it is faulty or outdated, consider replacing it with a new one to regulate the water pressure effectively and silence the noise.

Air In The Pipework

Air trapped in the water pipes can create a gurgling or bubbling noise when water flows through them.

Solution: Bleed the air from the pipes by opening the highest and furthest faucet in your home from the cold water tank. Let the water run for a few minutes until you no longer hear the gurgling sound. This process will expel the air and restore proper water flow.

Water Inlet Valve Issues

A faulty water inlet valve can cause irregular water flow, leading to vibrations and noise within the cold water tank.

Solution: Inspect the water inlet valve for any signs of damage or malfunction. If necessary, replace the valve to restore smooth water flow and eliminate the noise.

Do You Need Help Resolving Your Water Tank Noise?

A noisy cold water tank can be a source of frustration for those who oversee water systems, but with proper troubleshooting, most of these issues can be resolved easily. As a nationwide contractor, we can help support your regular maintenance, carry out any timely repairs and can replace any aspect of your water tank system. If you have an issue that we can help with, then give us a call today on 01704 335801 or visit our homepage to learn more on what we do!



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