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Water Tank Replacements - Our Turnkey Service

before and after of a water tank replacement

Our water tank replacement package enables us to oversee every facet of your project under one comprehensive solution. We offer a turnkey solution for water tank replacements, eliminating the need for our clients to seek out other specialist contractors for different project stages. Our team possess over 50 years of water management experience and has the expertise to handle all aspects of your water tank upgrade. Through our turnkey service, we'll encompass tasks such as pipework adjustments, the decommissioning and removal of old storage tanks, ending with the final recommissioning. With the support of our nationwide team of engineers, you can have confidence in our expertise to efficiently, safely, and cost-effectively replace your cold water storage tank, tailored to your specific requirements.

Why Opt For Our Turnkey Water Tank Replacements?

  • Simplified Project Management: You'll benefit from a one-stop solution, eliminating the need to coordinate multiple contractors. This simplifies the project management process and reduces your overall workload.

  • Expertise and Experience: Our skilled team brings a wealth of experience to your water tank replacements, ensuring that the project is executed safely and effectively.

  • Time Savings: By handling all aspects of the cold water tank replacement in-house, we can complete the work more swiftly, minimising downtime and disruption for your site.

  • Cost-Efficiency: Streamlining the process with a single provider often leads to cost savings for yourself, compared to hiring multiple contractors.

  • Nationwide Reach: Our 5 nationwide project hubs allow us to quickly respond to new enquiries across the United Kingdom, making our services accessible to many.

  • Tailored Solution: Through our water tank replacement service, we'll tailor all aspects of the project specifically to meet the requirements of your facility.

  • Safety: Safety is paramount. Our team's experience and training ensures that the project is conducted with top safety measures in place. With each project, we'll produce a set of site-specific RAMS to allow for best practice.

Water tank upgrade

What Comes Under Our Turnkey Water Tank Replacement Service?

Each water tank replacement will be different based on your site and your requirements, however here's what we'll generally cover under this turnkey solution:

  1. Evaluation and Strategic Planning

  2. Customised Risk Assessment and Method Statements (RAMS) for Each Site

  3. Temporary Bypass or Temporary Water Tank Installation

  4. Drainage and Decommissioning Procedures

  5. Removal and An Environmentally Responsible Disposal

  6. Supply and Installation of the Tanks, Complete with Raised Chambers, Top Access Hatches, Equilibrium Float Valves and Screened Connections

  7. Modifications and Insulation for Pipework

  8. Connection and Integration

  9. Comprehensive Refilling and Testing

  10. Thorough Cleaning and Disinfection, Certified for Compliance

  11. Recommissioning Process

Need Expert Assistance With A Water Tank Replacement?

Now you're aware of our turnkey solution and the benefits this will bring to you, it's time to start your journey with Tank Reline. As mentioned, we operate through 5 nationwide project hubs, meaning we can impose a quick and seamless solution to your water tank issues. Whether you're faced leaks, severe corrosion or your water tank is simply past it's natural lifespan, you can count on us to get the job done right. Click the link to learn more about our water tank replacements, or alternatively call 01704 335801 to get in touch with our friendly and advisable Planning team. All our tank installations come with a 12 month warranty!



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