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Repairing A Water Tank Leakage

Water tanks play a vital role in our lives, providing a reliable supply of clean water for various purposes. However, even the sturdiest tanks can develop leaks over time, causing not only water loss but also potential damage to surrounding structures. In this blog post, we delve into our latest water tank leak repair project, that showcases the general process of repairing water tank leakages. Much smaller leaks can often be resolved through the application of a patch or sealant to the relevant area of the tank. However, in instances like this when the water tank is leaking from various compartments, a full internal reline is a cost-effective way of prolonging the lifespan of the tank.

water tank

Leaking Water Tank Preparation

Upon arriving on site, our Engineers began the process of draining the cold water storage tanks. The tank was split in to two compartments by an internal wall, with each compartment measuring 1.5m x 3m x 2m. As both of these were leaking externally, all accessible bolts were tightened, and all mastic joints were repaired where necessary. The final stage of the leak repair preparation was to abrase all internal surfaces to raise the profile to 75 microns.

Leaking Water Tank Prepped

Our Leaking Tank Repair Solution

The core stage of repairing these water tank leakages involves the application of our own polyurethane coating to all inner surfaces. Our product is WRAS approved, comes with a 10-year guarantee, and once applied, provides a tough, durable, seamless finish that retains a 35% flexibility to cope with structural movement, making it the ideal solution for leaking water tanks of this type. In projects like this, the product is first applied to all high risk areas to ensure these aspects of the tank are secure and to allow the subsequent coating to be a seamless membrane. Following this, the product is applied by roller to all inner surfaces twice, with a setting period in between. Both coats are added to a minimum 500-micron wet film thickness to achieve a desired 1000-micron total coating thickness on all internal surfaces.

Upon completion of works, the tanks were refilled and disinfected in accordance with the requirements of PD855468:2015, before being returned to service. A disinfection certificate will be issued along with a detailed completion report.

Have You Got A Water Tank Leak That Needs Repaired?

If you have a water tank that's leaking, then we're here to help! Visit our water tank leak repair page today to learn more about this area of expertise. Tank Reline operate through 5 nationwide project hubs and bring forward over 50 years of water management experience to get the job done right every time. Contact us for a free of charge survey to assess your leak repair and get an action plan that puts your needs first!



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