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Replacing An Old Water Storage Tank

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Tank Reline were recently tasked with the replacement of two cold water storage tanks within a hospital in Yorkshire. As standard for all our tank replacement services, the site was surveyed to assess the condition of the tanks internally and externally, to produce a safe system of work for the project. See below some of the great before and after shots our team managed to capture during the project:

How do you replace a water tank?

Replacing a water tank often varies in certain procedures due to differences in the type of tank and how the water system is design. However, for Tank Reline, certain methods remain standard when it comes to this service:

  1. Isolate supply to the tank

  2. Drain Cold Water Storage tank using submersible pumps running water to an appropriate drain

  3. If possible, dismantle tank by removing bolts. If cutting tools are required, then use a reciprocating saw or angle grinder and appropriate cutting wheel

  4. If required, build new tank plinth to replace existing tank base

  5. Complete tank build in accordance with the requirements of Schedule 2, Section 16 of the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999, and manufacturer’s instructions

  6. Connect existing incoming main to the new tank, incorporating a new lever ball valve acting as isolation and an appropriate float operated valve

  7. Insulate pipework with foil back insulation and label new and existing pipe work located in the tank room

  8. Fill new tank, check for leaks and operation of ball valve

  9. Clean and disinfect before placing back online


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