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GRP Tank Relining - Project Showcase

In the realm of commercial and industrial infrastructure, ensuring the longevity and efficiency of storage tanks is paramount. Recently, we undertook a comprehensive project focusing on GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) tank relining. This refurbishment process aims not only to restore the strength of GRP tank structures, but to also enhance their reliability and functionality for the long term. In this project showcase, we'll demonstrate our typical approach to GRP tank relining and discuss the additional mechanical works that were executed alongside the application of a new lining. The picture below displays the condition of the GRP cold water tank after draining, highlighting the need for a reline.

old grp water tank

GRP Tank Relining Process Overview

Upon initiating the project, our team prioritized a systematic approach to ensure a successful outcome. The intricate steps included:

  1. Draining and Surface Preparation: The initial phase involved draining the tanks whilst assessing and refurbishing the surfaces. This step included tightening accessible bolts, repairing mastic joints and abrading surfaces to achieve an optimal profile for the subsequent coatings.

  2. Creating Ideal Application Conditions: To guarantee the correct curing conditions for the application of our solvent-free polyurethane, we utilised dehumidification and heating equipment where necessary.

  3. Strategic Coating Application: The stripe coat was applied by brush to joints, edges, bolt heads and protuberances. This ensured a secure foundation for subsequent coatings, resulting in a seamless membrane.

  4. Dual Coating Application: We applied the first and second coats with precision, using rollers to achieve specific micron thicknesses on all internal surfaces. This process was crucial to reach the desired coating thickness, providing enhanced protection and durability, especially in critical areas such as joints.

  5. Re-commissioning: After executing relining works, the tanks were refilled and disinfected according to PD855468:2015 standards before being brought back into service, ensuring adherence to quality and safety protocols. See the images below, highlighting the GRP tank after abrasion, the first coat and final coating!

Need Support With A GRP Tank Reline?

Just like this GRP water tank displayed, our team can seamlessly provide a new lining for your aging glass-reinforced-plastic tanks. Along with a final photographic completion report, you'll receive a detailed project plan that outlines every stage of your project. Tank Reline operate through 5 nationwide project hubs, spread from Scotland down to London, meaning we can quickly respond to your enquiry and have an experienced member of our Engineering team sent to survey your facility. Like all of our relines, our GRP tank relining comes with a 10 year guarantee! This can be extended by a year each time we clean and disinfect your GRP water tank. Click to learn more about our grp water tank services, or visit our contact page to kickstart your journey with the UK's leading relining service!



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