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Water Tank Remedial Works


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Our specialists surveyed the site and developed a bespoke schedule of works that would resolve all of the compliance issues, without affecting supply.

Site had an array of issues with their water tanks, which were causing severe operational issues. The existing ball valves were outdated and unreliable, with several of the tanks showing signs of overcapacity, but without any means of adjusting the water levels. Six of the tanks also had hollow supports which had been flagged as a compliance failure.

To ensure each tank met current compliance standards, a delayed action ball valve or adjustable float valve was installed, and all hollow supports replaced with WRAS approved solid supports. Each tank was then cleaned and disinfected before being recommissioned.

Utlility Company      3 Day Completion Time
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"We called in Tank Reline as we knew that specialist support was needed on this project. Their turnaround times were fantastic, and the new installations were of an excellent standard. A great company to deal with."
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