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Water Pipe Repairs And Modifications



In this case study, Tank Reline undertook a series of pipework alterations at a renowned college located in the heart of London. The work was required to support the relocation of two cold-water storage tanks from the loft down to the basement plantroom. After the construction of these two glass-reinforced plastic storage tanks, our specialist installation engineers could begin installing all associated pipework to suit the new system.

College        2 Day Completion Time


Seamlessly, our team re-routed the 35mm pipework away from the existing system, to feed both new tanks. A new pulse water meter was also installed, along with connections points for BMS system. In addition, new 54mm pipework was installed to connect the outlets to the plantroom booster set. This re-routed, boosted cold-water service utilised the redundant down water riser to eliminate the risks posed by the proximity of the local hot water pipes.

New Pipework_edited.jpg


All pipework was then insulated with foil faced insulation and BS coding, to help reduce the risk of legionella and improve the energy efficiency of the system. An online disinfection was then completed on all new pipework, and the booster set was commissioned into service. Click the link if you need expert support for water tank pipework modifications!

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"The Titan team were quick to respond to our emergency situation and all the way through they communicated well with us. The team that worked on the tanks were very polite and helpful and had great knowledge of the product and systems in use."

Client Feedback
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