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GRP Water Tank

Hospital Water Tank Reline 


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In this case study, Tank Reline were tasked with internal relining of a sectional GRP cold water storage tank in Liverpool.  The cold water tank was situated in the plant room of a children's hospital and was reaching the end of its expected life cycle. Our experienced engineering team initially surveyed the tank with a view to a full replacement, but a reline using our own brand polyurethane was deemed to be the most cost-effective option.

Hospital        4 Day Completion Time



To commence the work, our engineers kickstarted the isolation and draining process to gain access to the tank and diagnose the route of the leak. Solely, it was determined that the tanks drain valve was contributing to the reported water loss and therefore needed repair. As showcased on the right, the drain valve was removed, cleaned and resealed with a new mastic that offer increased protection during the operation of the tank.


The hospital water tank was in poor condition prior to preparation, with external leaks visible. Delamination of the internal gel coating was also clearly evident on the walls and base, which posed a significant risk of contamination within the stored water. Our engineers prepared the internal surfaces for relining by abrading the surface of the panels to raise the profile to 75microns, before sealing the leaking joints using specialist a fibreglass bandage.

Sealing bandage 3.jpeg


An initial stripe coat was administered to all high-risk areas, including those locations that were previously leaking. Two applications of our own solvent-free polyurethane paint were then applied. A dry film thickness test was carried out during the process, with an average thickness of more than 1,000 microns achieved on all surfaces. On completion, the tank was refilled, disinfected and recommissioned into service, backed with our 10-year guarantee. Learn more about our water tank lining service today!

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"We were delighted with Tank Relines approach to the project. Their engineers were excellent in their responsiveness and knowledge of water tanks in general. I'd have full confidence using them again."
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