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In this case study, one of the UK’s leading facilities management groups tasked the Tank Reline engineering team with the supply and installation of a low-level access hatch on this a GRP cold water storage tank. Access from above the tank was severely limited, posing a significant confined space risk to anyone wishing to enter the tank. A low-level access hatch would therefore provide a safe route to access and egress the base of the tank.

College         1 Day Completion Time


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A new panel was then installed with the a built in low-level access hatch, alongside the reinstallation of the adjacent tank panel. This more accessible point of entry means that any future inspections or maintenance activity can be carried out in a safer and more convenient manner. To complete the project, both of the GRP tanks had new tank support installations, with new WRAS approved solid struts fitted. After refilling the tank and checking for leaks, the team disinfected the system before recommissioning the tank into use.

Very happy with the recent work performed by Titan Mechanical, from the preparation work through to site works, the team communicated very well throughout the project. Please be reassured, these guys are professional.
Client Feedback


After isolating and draining the cold-water storage tank, our engineers utilised a wet vac to remove all excess water and biofilm from the base. Two of the GRP panels were then removed, to facilitate the installation of a new, low-level access hatch.

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