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Potable Water Tank Relining

Liverpool, Merseyside

tank 1 before.jpeg


In this case study, Tank Reline were tasked with the relining of two GRP cold water storage tanks feeding a potable supply to a number of flats within an accommodation complex. These potable cold water storage tanks were located in the rooftop plant room and were both suffering from severe degradation of the previous tank coating. Utilising our own WRAS-approved polyurethane solution, a new reline was recommended to extend the lifespan of the tanks and to maintain compliance.

Apartment Complex        2 Day Completion Time


To create an effective bond between the polyurethane coating and the internal tank surfaces, our engineers removed the debris within the tanks, before abrading the internal walls. All accessible bolts were tightened, and all joints assessed and repaired where necessary. To secure all high-risk areas, such as joints, edges, bolt heads and support beams, the team applied a stripe coat of the polyurethane to provide additional protection.

tank 1 stripe coat.jpeg


Two coatings of our polyurethane paint were then applied to all internal areas of the tanks. A dry film thickness test confirmed an average thickness of more than 1,000 microns was achieved on all surfaces. In addition to the reline, our engineers also fitted a new warning pipe, isolation valves to inlet and rodent screens across both tanks. On completion, both potable tanks were recommissioned and disinfected before being returned to service. See what else we have on offer with our potable water tank services!

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"The Titan team were quick to respond to our emergency situation and all the way through they communicated well with us. The team that worked on the tanks were very polite and helpful and had great knowledge of the product and systems in use."

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