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Plastic Water Tank Lining




In this case study, Tank Reline were on hand to breathe new life into this plastic water storage tank located outdoors at a popular hotel on the outskirts of Leicester. The internal surfaces of the tank were in a poor state of disrepair, but otherwise the tank was structurally sound. Our engineering team therefore recommended relining the water tank to prolong its lifespan and maintain compliance. As standard, our client received a 10-year guarantee for the works, a testament to the quality of our coating system and the workmanship of our highly trained engineers.

Hotel        3 Day Completion Time


In order to maintain water supply across the site, a temporary water tank was installed and commissioned into service before the works commenced. Our engineers then began the relining process by decommissioning and draining the storage tank, before preparing the internal surfaces with specialist mechanical tools. A raised profile of ~75microns was achieved to ensure the subsequent coatings would form a lasting bond with the substrate.

Prep CWST01.jpg
1st Coat CWST01.jpg


To ensure the protection of the high-risk areas, our specialist polyurethane coating was applied by brush to all joints, edges & bolt heads. Two coats were then applied to all internal surfaces, creating a seamless membrane within the tank. Each 500-micron coat was checked using a wet film thickness test, to ensure the necessary thickness of 1,000-microns was achieved throughout.


Upon completion of works, the tank was refilled and disinfected in accordance with the requirements of PD855468:2015, before being returned to service. The temporary tank was then decommissioned and removed from site. Click to see what else we have on offer with our plastic water tank services!

Tank Reline have just finished a major remedial works project for us. The guys delivering the work were fantastic and the whole project was ran very professionally. Great company to deal with.
Client Feedback
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