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Water Tank Leaking From Drain Valve


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To commence the work, our engineers kickstarted the isolation and draining process to gain access to the tank and diagnose the route of the leak. Solely, it was determined that the tanks drain valve was contributing to the reported water loss and therefore needed repair. As showcased on the right, the drain valve was removed, cleaned and resealed with a new mastic that offer increased protection during the operation of the tank.

In this case study, Tank Reline were faced with resolving a damaged and leaking fire sprinkler tank, measuring 5m x 2m x 3.5m. This water storage tank was located outside the main building of a college in Leeds, requiring an immediate solution to both maintain compliance and ensure students were provided with sufficient protection for fire escape routes. 

College          1 Day Completion Time
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The full disinfection focused on all the water tanks properties and any associated pipework connected to the system. At every outlet, the chemical levels were assessed to make sure the disinfection had in fact been a success. After achieving desirable results, the tank was refilled and recommissioned into use. All works were executed within a strict 1 day timeframe. 

In addition to the repair works, our engineers proposed for a rigorous cleaning and disinfection to take place as the existing internal panels had succumb to conditions that invited the growth of legionella bacteria. A series of chemical cleaning methods would help remove the sediment that had developed within this poorly managed water system.

"We were delighted with Tank Relines approach to the project. Their engineers were excellent in their responsiveness and knowledge of leak repairs. I'd have full confidence using them again."
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