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In this case study, Tank Reline were faced with the repair of a leaking water tank drain valve for a college in Leeds. As expected, this had been increasing the water bills for the facility, until being discovered by the Site Manager. Therefore, Tank Reline were on had to carry out a quick and seamless water tank repair to restore functionality.

College         1 Day Completion Time
Dirty Water Tank

Water Tank Drain Valve Leak




Our engineers began with the isolation and draining process to gain access to the tank and diagnose the source of the leak. The investigation determined that the drain valve on the base of the tank was responsible for the reported water loss and a repair was therefore required. As seen in the adjacent picture, the drain valve was removed, cleaned and resealed with a new mastic that would provide a permanent watertight connection around the pipework.

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Once the repair works were complete, our engineers were able to undertake a rigorous clean and disinfection of the tank, which was in a poor hygienic state, posing a significant risk to the integrity of the structure. Our team used a series of chemical cleaning methods to remove the sediment that had developed within this poorly managed water system.


On completion of the works, we refilled and checked for water tank leaks, before recommissioning into service. All works were executed within a strict 1-day timeframe.

"We were delighted with Tank Relines approach to the project. Their engineers were excellent in their responsiveness and knowledge of leak repairs. I'd have full confidence using them again."
Client Feedback
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