Apartment Block

Leaking GRP Tank Replacement


Temporary Water Tank

In this case study, the Tank Reline team were challenged with replacing an existing breakwater tank located in the basement tank room of this residential accommodation block in Liverpool, whilst ensuring down service supply to the residents flats was maintained at all times.

Accommodation         3 Day Completion Time
Swelled Water Tank Base
Water Tank Base
Cold Water Storage Tank

A temporary tank was installed and commission overnight, to ensure no interruption to service. The system was switched over to the temporary supply, allowing the existing tank and base to be replaced.

The new tank was built, commissioned, disinfected and placed back online. A permanent temporary bypass was then installed to allow for future maintenance works. All works were completed without causing any disruption to supply.

Once our engineers had dismantled the existing cold-water storage tank, the base was found to be inadequate due to the swelling that had developed, so a new base was installed and levelled to provide a solid foundation for the new tank.

"The team were fantastic on site. Their work was neat and tidy, with minimal disruption to the residents. Thanks to all involved for delivering this project so professionally. "
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