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Tank Reline were asked to reline this galvanised steel tank at a Care Home in London. Measuring 3m x 3m x 1.5m, the condition of the tank was extremely poor, with heavy corrosion evident, posing a significant health and safety risk to its users.


In this case study, the Tank Reline team were tasked with repairing a number of significant leaks from a sectional GRP cold water storage tank at a manufacturing site in Darlington. This tank was installed 30m from the ground, so scaffolding was required to ensure the project could be delivered safely. As seen in the video, the mastic between the panels had degraded badly, resulting in water continually spilling from a number of locations. Therefore, a water tank leak repair was immediately needed.

Prison         3 Day Completion Time
Photo 06-09-2019, 15 03 41.jpg

Reline Of A Leaking Plastic Tank


Care Home      5 Day Completion Time


Once the scaffold was erected, our engineers drained the tank and began the prep work. All accessible bolts were tightened, and mastic joints assessed and repaired where necessary. All surfaces were then abraded to raise a surface profile of ~75microns to ensure the subsequent coating would bond effectively. In addition, all panel joints were sealed using flexible fibreglass bandages and P40 filler.

Photo 07-09-2019, 11 43 37.jpg
Photo 07-09-2019, 14 55 51.jpg


To consolidate the protection of all high-risk areas in the GRP water tank, a stripe coat of our polyurethane coating was applied by brush to all joints, edges, bolt heads, struts and other sharp protuberances. This would enable the subsequent coating to be a seamless membrane and eliminate the risk of leaks in the future.


Our WRAS-approved, solvent-free product was applied by roller to achieve a desired 1000-micron total coating thickness on all internal surfaces. Our client was supported with a 10-year guarantee, with a fully compliant system ready to be refilled and disinfected. Click the link to learn more on our water tank lining service.

"The team were fantastic on site. Their work was neat and tidy, with minimal disruption to the residents. Thanks to all involved for delivering this project so professionally. "
Client Feedback
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