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Galvanised Steel Tank Replacement



In this case study, Tank Reline were faced with the complex project of decommissioning a large, galvanised steel water tank in Ayrshire, measuring 5m x2m x 2m. The tank almost completed filled the room in which it was built, leaving very little space to manoeuvre. To compound matters, the tank room was located on the roof of the building, making logistics for the removal of waste and delivery of new equipment very difficult.

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In this case study, Tank Reline were called in to replace two steel cold water storage tanks within a hospital in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. After isolating and draining both tanks, all inner surfaces were found to be heavily corroded. If left unresolved, the supply could have posed a significant health and safety risk to vulnerable users.

Hospital        7 Day Completion Time


Given the previous condition of the tank, it was determined that two new sectional GRP split compartment CWSTs would provide a suitable long-term solution. The existing tanks were therefore dismantled and removed from site to commence the replacement. New bases were then built to provide solid foundations for the newly installed water tanks.

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Our client was left with new tanks featuring raised chambers, external ladders, a top access hatch, equilibrium ball valves and screened connections including new inlet and outlet valves. Upon completion, the team clean and disinfected both tanks before recommissioning them into service.

The guys sent to site were very professional and carried out a first class removal and installation working within a Hospital environment they kept the work area extremely clean and tidy, overall extremely happy with the job from start to finish, highly recommended.
Client Feedback
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