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Damaged GRP Water Tank Replacement


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Tank Reline were called in following the report of a leaking potable water tank feeding supply to a campsite in northern Scotland. After a survey from a member of our experienced engineering team, the tank was found to be in a poor state of disrepair. In addition to the leak, damaged tank panels were also observed, so relining the tank was not an option. A full water tank replacement was therefore deemed as the appropriate solution. 

Campsite         7 Day Completion Time


Upon arrival, our team of engineers were on hand to shut off supply and drain the tanks. Once inside, there was clear evidence of debonding in the mastic and delamination of the GRP surface, which poses a significant hygiene risk to the users, especially in a clinical environment.


To ensure down service supply was not interrupted, a temporary bypass was installed to allow the water tank to be replaced without affecting the sites users. Once the bypass was installed, the pipework was disinfected and commissioned into service. Following this stage of the project, the team could commence dismantling the old water storage tank.

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Once the area was clear, the existing base was assessed and levelling steels were installed to provide a solid foundation for the new GRP water tank. This new sectional GRP cold water storage tank (6m x 2m x 2m) included new screened connections, encapsulated insulation, an access manway, equilibrium drop arm ball valve, internal and external ladders and a raised chamber.


On completion, the inlet and outlet pipework were modified to suit the new tank. The new GRP water tank was then cleaned, disinfected and recommissioned into use. All waste was then removed from site. Learn more on our water tank replacement service today!

"We were delighted with Tank Relines approach to the project. Their engineers were excellent in their responsiveness and knowledge of leak repairs. I'd have full confidence using them again."
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