Inside GRP Sectional Tank

GRP Sectional  Tank Replacement


Old GRP Water Tank
Water Tank Damage
GRP Sectional Storage Tank
GRP Sectional Water Tank

The tank was located in a loft space, which was filled with waste and an accumulation of archived materials. This posed a difficult logistical challenge for our team, so the first challenge was to clear the area to allow the new tank to be installed.

Following an inspection from one of our specialist teams, it was determined this GRP cold water storage tank located in a London primary school had a gel coat failure and was also over-sized for the system it served. Tank Reline were therefore tasked with replacing the tank with a slightly smaller, WRAS approved sectional GRP Tank.

The newly installed GRP tank included new screened connections, an equilibrium drop-arm float valve and a top access hatch to allow for easy access and egress. The tank was cleaned, refilled, disinfected, and commissioned into service.

Once the area was prepped, our team of engineers isolated, drained and removed the failed GRP cold water storage tank from use. A new 2m x 2m x 1m tank with modified pipework was then delivered and installed.

Primary School       4 Day Completion Time
"We assumed this tank job would take well over a week, but Tank Relines turnaround time was far beyond what we expected. Their quality was amazing, a truly reliable water tank company."
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