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Reline Of Galvanised Steel Tank


choice home condition.jpg


Tank Reline were asked to reline this galvanised steel tank at a Care Home in London. Measuring 3m x 3m x 1.5m, the condition of the tank was extremely poor, with heavy corrosion evident, posing a significant health and safety risk to its users.

Care Home      5 Day Completion Time


The site couldn’t be without a water supply, so our specialist team supplied, installed and commissioned a temporary tank to ensure there was no disruption to service whilst the tank was being relined.

choice home temp tank.jpg
P14 Tank filled.jpg


The tank was then drained, its surfaces prepared before being relined with our unique range of solvent free polyurethanes. A new KB float valve was installed to allow for water level to be adjusted in the future.


Following completion of the reline, a new screened lid vent was fitted, we provided an all-encompassing water tank insulation, and an overflow screen installed. Our engineers recommissioned the tank, and removed the temporary tank from service, leaving the client with a fully compliant water tank backed with our 10-year guarantee. Click here to learn more on our water tank relining service.

"Excellent customer service and extremely professional, they went above and beyond to get the reline done right. I couldn't recommend them higher."
Client Feedback
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