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Galvanised Water Tank Replacement




In this case study, Tank Reline were faced with the complex project of decommissioning a large, galvanised steel water tank in Ayrshire, measuring 5m x2m x 2m. The tank almost completed filled the room in which it was built, leaving very little space to manoeuvre. To compound matters, the tank room was located on the roof of the building, making logistics for the removal of waste and delivery of new equipment very difficult.

Primary School        7 Day Completion Time


To commence with the project, specialist access equipment was used to provide safe access and egress to the working area. The old tank was carefully dismantled tank and removed from site. New loft boarding was then installed to provide a safe working platform and a solid base for the new tank.

struther 2.jpg


Once complete, the tank was reconnected to the mains supply and we provided the necessary water tank insulation, before the tank was recommissioned and placed into service. Our client was delighted; with a compliant, WRAS approved sectional GRP tank that was now appropriately sized for the system it fed. Click the links to learn more on our water tank replacement service or steel water tank services

"Our schools water tank was in desperate need of replacement before Tank Reline came. We were more than happy with the final product, a top company to do deal with from start to finish." 
Client Feedback
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