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Reline Of Cooling Tower Sump


External Water Cooling Tower
Corroded Cooling Tower Sump
Sanded Cooling Tower Sump
Cooling Tower Sump Lining

The cooling tower sump was drained and emptied on arrival. All surfaces were chemically cleaned and mechanically abraded to remove any trace of contaminants and corrosion. Once the desired surface profile had been achieved, the walls and floors were washed down with fresh water before an air mover was installed to thoroughly dry the surfaces.

Tank Reline were given the task of repairing and relining the internal sump of this cooling tower in Leicester, with our specialist range of solvent-free polyurethane coatings. The cooling tower sump was in poor condition prior to preparation and had heavy internal corrosion along the walls. This was identified as a significant threat to the integrity of the water treatment programme, and therefore needed an immediate resolution

Once all high-risk areas had been striped, our engineers applied two coats of polyurethane to the internal inner surfaces. Upon completion, the cooling tower was left to cure for 8 hours, ready to be refilled, disinfected and re-commissioned.

Using our advanced coating system, our engineers completed a stripe coat of the cooling tower sump, ensuring all joints, edges and other protrusions were well protected ahead of the main coating being applied.

Office Complex       4 Day Completion Time
A professional team who impressed us greatly with their approach to health and safety. The inside of the tower looks as good as new.
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