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Relining a Concrete Water Tank




In this case study, the Tank Reline team were in London to repair a dilapidated concrete water tank at a secure site just outside of the capital. The condition of the tank was extremely poor, with visible bubbling of the existing coating on the walls, and clear evidence of water penetration from external sources. Over time, the internal surfaces of concrete water tanks are particularly susceptible to deterioration and decay, creating areas of water stagnation which can lead to significant microbiological growth, posing a risk to the users. A full reline was therefore recommended using our unique range of polyurethane coatings.

Prison        4 Day Completion Time


Upon arrival, our engineers drained the tank so they could properly assess the condition of the existing coating. Damaged areas were removed, before all internal surfaces were then abraded to raise the profile to 75 microns. The concrete substrate was then primed with a new concrete screed. Prior to the application of our solvent free polyurethane coating, dehumidification equipment was utilised to ensure the correct curing conditions were achieved.

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Our own high-grade polyurethane coating was then applied to all internal surfaces to provide a seamless membrane within the tank. Once cured, the tank was then refilled, disinfected and commissioned into service. Our client was left with a fully compliant concrete storage tank, along with a 10-year guarantee to provide long term peace of mind. Click to learn more on our water tank relining service!

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I have worked with Tank Reline and Titan Mechanical a number of times and they have always delivered quality service and in a timely manner. Their communication and standard of reporting has been of a very high standard.
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