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Wherever you're based in the United Kingdom, our team of specialist engineers are on hand with all the expertise on how to repair a water tank leak. Whether it's a plastic water tank or galvanized water tank, we can provide you with an appropriate leakage solution using our own high-grade polyurethane sealer. Here are Tank Reline, we have been at the forefront of leak detection and repairs in water storage tanks for over 10 years! A leaking tank can be costly and inconvenient for facilities managers, but we have the expertise to repair any leaking water tank quickly and cost effectively. Cold water tanks often face issues with the overflow pipe leaking, which can be quickly identified by a site visit from a member of the team.  Our team of specialist engineers are highly responsive and equipped with the latest technology to locate and repair leaks on any type of tank, regardless of location and size. Our state-of-the-art equipment includes the use of endoscopic cameras to detect leaks, as well as the latest range of advanced sealants, to provide a permanent and robust solution to any leaking tank.

If your tank which contained water has started to leak, then get in touch with our engineering team to organise a repair as soon as possible. 

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What causes a water tank to leak?

How do you deal with a cold water storage tank leak?

How much does it cost to repair a water tank leak?

​There are a number of potential reasons why a tank could be leaking, for example:

  • Corrosion of the internal substrate, particularly with the likes of galvanised steel tanks. 

  • Cracks formed by pressure change or sudden movements.

  • Fractures caused by deterioration of the internal substrate, particularly with the likes of plastic tanks. 

  • Temperature changes that result in pipework freezing or joints expanding.

  • Breakdown of mastic used to seal the panels in sectional tanks.

  • Structural defects caused by poor design or installation.

Whether it's a major flood or minor water tank leak, we'd always advise the first stage in dealing with a water tank leak would be to turn off the water supply, typically this is performed via the shut-off valve on the inlet. The tank should then be drained to prevent any further flood damage, and experts called to appraise the damage. Clean the area externally to the tank to ensure the working area is safe and dry to reduce the risk of slips and trips. An expert team such as those from Tank Reline can then appraise the damage and make recommendations for the repair. That could range from a simple patch repair that could be completed whilst on site, to a more involved process such as relining the tank or even a full replacement.

The cost of repairing a cold-water storage tank leak will vary based on certain conditions, such as the severity of the leak, its location, the materials of construction and access. If you have a leak in your water tank, then contact our team today and one of our engineers will arrange a survey.