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Cold water storage tank repairs are one of the core areas of expertise at Tank Reline. Whether it's a leak, structural defect, cracked panel, pipework issue or ball valve failure, our engineers have the skillset to resolve the problem. We operate nationwide, repairing water tanks of all shapes and sizes, so whatever your issue, we’re available to ensure your water tank is repaired safely and professionally. With our years of expertise in repairing water tanks in all types of commercial environments, our engineering team can bring to bear an unbeatable breadth of experience to resolve any problem and keep your systems running.


We understand that undertaking repairs to water tanks can be a daunting and confusing process, but with our customer-focused approach and unmatched expertise, our team of friendly experts will ensure that you are kept informed throughout, working with you to ensure a suitable, long-term solution is delivered that meets your needs.   

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Water Tank During Repair

How Do You Manage A Water Tank Problem?

As cold water tanks are often in plant rooms or loft spaces, problems with the tank can often arise seemingly out of the blue, leaving the user little time to react and mitigate the damage/downtime. If possible, we always advise to isolate the supply and drain the tank to allow for an inspection and to prevent any further damage. The best course of action is to then contact a specialist service provider such as Tank Reline to inspect and repair the tank. Our team possesses a broad knowledge base relating to cold water storage tanks, so whatever the issue, we have the skills and expertise to resolve it quickly, safely and cost effectively.

Why Do Cold Water Storage Tanks Fail?

There are a multitude of reasons that cold water storage tanks can fail. The most common of these are caused by lack of on-going maintenance / inspections, or a poor initial installation. Design mistakes can also cause long term problems, such as tanks not being correctly sized or having the wrong ball valve fitted.

What Common Issues Can Occur In Water Tanks?

  • Corrosion Of Internal Surfaces

  • Debonding Of Mastic Joints

  • Panel Cracks

  • Pipework Seals Perishing

  • Collapsed Baffle Wall

  • Ball Valve Seized

  • Frost Damage From Poor Insulation

Can I Find A Water Tank Repair Near me?

Tank Reline are equipped with a team of highly trained and specialised engineers that operate throughout the United Kingdom. If you're in need of a storage tank repair, we've got you covered. Whether you're in England, Scotland or Wales, we'll send a member of our competent management team to inspect your tank, and provide you with the most cost-effective solution for repair.