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Tank Reline (part of Titan Mechanical Services) is a leading service provider in water hygiene services. We operate nationwide to offer a comprehensive range of water tank services associated with health and safety and Legionella control.

If you've recently discovered a fire sprinkler tank leak, a general problem or have undergone a Legionella Risk Assessment - don't hesitate to contact our friendly Tank Reline team for assistance.

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Why does your fire sprinkler water storage tank need maintenance? 

Ensuring that your facility has a safe, compliant and relaible water system is required by law in the UK. This includes making sure the water storage tank used to supply your fire sprinkler system is safe from waterborne bacteria. A fire sprinkler system is of the uptmost importance also, as this system will be used in case of emergency.

Fire sprinkler tanks often require maintenance (relining, repair or replacement) due to excessive corrosion of the tank walls. Once corrosion occurs, it progresses quickly and can lead to a number of risks such as water storgae tank leaks, water damage and the prescence of waterborne bacteria such as Legionella. Excessive corrosion usually occurs if the tank lining was not coated upon installation, or if the original lining has started to corrode. The most common causes of fire sprinkler tank problems are:

Fire sprinkler tank corrosion

Corrosion most commonly occurs on the walls of the fire sprinkler tank and around the area where the tank base joins concrete. As the corrosion begins to progress, it can lead to holes in the sprinkler tank which will subsequently cause water loss. Water loss can then lead to water damage in the bulding.

Fire sprinkler tank relining

If the lining of your fire sprinkler tank is failing or no coating was added during installation, this can also lead to corrosion and subsequent water loss.

Butyl 'bags' 

Butyl bags (a type of water storage tank lining used for specific water storage tanks) can lead to a build up of stagnant water in between the lining and tank wall. A build up of stagnant water can lead to harmful waterborne bacteria and leaks or corrosion.


These problems are often noticed by the facilities manager or outlined during a Legionella Risk Assessment.

What to expect during water storage tank replacement/ relining/ repair

Your Tank Reline engineer will work with you to provide the best solution for your fire sprinkler water storage tank. We will take into account your individual facilities and requirements/ Legionella Risk Assessment to ensure the water supply for your fire sprinkler system is fully compliant. Your fire sprinkler tank may need relining, replacing or repairing. 

How long will my water tank replacement, relining or repair take?

Depending on the work undertaken, the time taken to service your fire sprinkler system can vary. Your engineer will always work quickly and efficiently to complete the works and will communicate a timescale for the project with you.

How much will fire sprinkler tank services cost?

You can get an accurate quote from Tank Reline here.

How often will I need fire sprinkler tank services?

When water tank repair services are carried out to a high standard, you will not need to repeat the works again. In the future, your Legionella Risk Assessment may identify different actions that need to be carried out on your water system, but you will not need to repeat the same work again. Many of the services at Tank Reline come with a ten year guarantee. Please contact Tank Reline to learn more.

Why choose Tank Reline for your water hygiene services?

At Tank Reline (part of Titan Mechanical Services) we offer a range of water hygiene services for your facilities. We have been in operation for over ten years and have a wealth of experience in water hygiene and legionella control. We are WRAS Approved and members of Legionella Control Association (meaning our management systems are specially designed to assist our clients in controlling their Legionella risk). We are also accredited to the highest standards for Health & Safety and Quality & Environment. 


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Tank Reline completed a project for us recently. They were very professional, organised and most importantly in today’s climate very competitively priced. From start to finish the project ran perfectly and they always recommend relining tanks over a full replacement, I would use Tank Reline every time. Also we and our client were very impressed with the photographic reports produced and thought this was a good touch to a great job.

Luke Tanton, Stonegrove Limited

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Recognised industry standards

Tank Reline are certified members of the LCA, which means our management systems are specially designed to assist our clients in controlling their Legionella risk. We are also accredited to the highest standards for Health & Safety, Quality & Environment. See below for a selection of the organisations with whom our company and staff are certified.

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