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Concrete water tank repair, replacement and relining carried out by Tank Reline WRAS approved engineers. Tank Reline is a leading nationwide water hygiene services provider, a member of the Legionella Control Association and accreddited to the highest standard og health & safety. We operate throughout the UK and offer a comprehensive range of water storage tank repair and relining services associated with Legionella control and other waterborne diseases.

Whether you or your facilities manager has noticed a leak coming from your concrete water tank, or you are seeking water tank repair/ relining/ replacement after a Legionella Risk Assessment -  Tank Reline can help.


What are concrete water tanks used for?

Concrete water storage tanks are usually used to store water underground. Concrete is mainly used due to the strength of the material and the ability it has to neutralise water. However, almost every material has disadvantage and due to the composition of this material, concrete water tanks are often subject to leaks and leaching over time. At Tank Reline, we offer water tank coating and refurbishment that will solve this issue. 


Concrete water tank leak

Concrete is a strong material has many advantages. However, one disadvantage is that it is very limited in flexibility. This means that as the material naturally contracts and expands over time, the concrete will become weaker. Eventually this freezing and thawing cycle may lead to leaks and cracks in the material. Water tank leaks can lead to further issues including bacteria contamination and water damage.


Concrete water tank leaching

As concrete is a porous material made with calcium carbonate, leaching is a common occurrence over time. The pores in concrete can be a place for Legionella and other waterborne bacteria to grow. If the water stored in the concrete tank is acidic, it can leach the calcium carbonate from the concrete into the water, resulting in hard water.


Should I reline or repair my concrete water tank?

Water tank relining offers many advantages and is a cost effective solution for your water system, and is usually the first option for concrete water tanks. In some cases a replacement is recommended and this will depend on your water system. Your Tank Reline engineer will be able to advise you with the best course of action.


Why choose Tank Reline for concrete water tank coating?

At Tank Reline we offer a ten year guarantee on most of our concrete water tank repair and relining works. We have been operating in the water treatment industry for over ten years and have a wealth of experience in all types of water tanks, including concrete water tanks. We are members of Legionella Control Association (meaning our management systems are specially designed to assist our clients in controlling their Legionella risk). Our engineers are WRAS approved and we are also accredited to the highest standards for Health & Safety and Quality & Environment.


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Tank Reline completed a project for us recently. They were very professional, organised and most importantly in today’s climate very competitively priced. From start to finish the project ran perfectly and they always recommend relining tanks over a full replacement, I would use Tank Reline every time. Also we and our client were very impressed with the photographic reports produced and thought this was a good touch to a great job.

Luke Tanton, Stonegrove Limited

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Recognised industry standards

Tank Reline are certified members of the LCA, which means our management systems are specially designed to assist our clients in controlling their Legionella risk. We are also accredited to the highest standards for Health & Safety, Quality & Environment. See below for a selection of the organisations with whom our company and staff are certified.

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