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Tank Reline were tasked with relining this thirty-year-old cylindrical sprinkler tank in Manchester, which was suffering with heavy corrosion on its internal surfaces. Prior to the works, this cold-water storage tank had failed an insurance inspection, so our team were called upon to urgently resolve the issue.

Shopping Centre        8 Day Completion Time
External Fire Sprinkler Tank

Reline Of Sprinkler Tank With New Access Hatch

Greater Manchester


Top entry to the tank was deemed to be too dangerous, therefore an alternative solution was needed. Our engineers installed a low-level access hatch to provide safe access and egress. Once complete, work could begin on the abrasion and preparation of all internal surfaces.

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Using our specialist, own brand polyurethane coating, the relining process commenced. Our engineers applied a stripe coat to the joints, edges and bolt heads to ensure any high-risk areas had additional protection, in preparation for the application of the first full coat.


The tank was then internally relined with two coats of our specialist polyurethane lining to provide long lasting protection from corrosion. The lining was allowed to fully cure before the tank was recommissioned and placed back into service. The client was presented with a shiny new tank backed by with a 10-year guarantee. Click here to learn more on our fire sprinkler tank services!

"Thanks very much, the job ran very smoothly and our client is delighted with the final result. We will definitely be using your team on our next project."
Client Feedback
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