There are often lots of questions which arise when it comes to the health and safety of the public and the proper, legal care of water. Therefore, we have devised a list of frequently asked question for you to read through.

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Q. How long will the tank relining take?

A. This completely depends on the type of structure and its internal and external condition. Some structures can be fully refurbished and returned to service within 24 hours. Other structures can take up to two weeks.

Q. What about our water services while this is going on?

A. We have a very experienced in-house mechanical team so please do not worry. We will always come up with a solution to keep the water supply on. Some of our competitors do not have these resources and therefore leave you with the issue which is the last thing you need. We can normally fit temporary water tanks or a temporary water mains bypass if necessary. Please give us a call today to find out more.

Q. How quickly can we arrange a site survey?

A. We can arrange a site survey visit within three days normally. Please call us to discuss further.

Q. Can you repair my leaking tank or should we replace it?

A. Over half of our business is now Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) leaking tanks, therefore tank refurbishment is a very popular and cheaper option. Clients often feel replacing the tank is the most sensible solution to avoid further leaks however we have relined tanks as old at 16 months which doesn’t make financial sense to you.

Q. Our water tank is corroding, should we replace it with a GRP tank so we don’t have this problem again?

A. At first thought, this makes complete sense. Quite often water tanks are installed when the building is first constructed and therefore removal can be very difficult (tank may require cutting in to more manageable pieces. Manufacturers and contractors who do install new GRP water tanks only guarantee the works for 12 months. Over 50% of our business this year has been emergency leaking GRP tanks. Tank Reline Ltd offer a 10 year guarantee so you must ask yourself do we need the worry and expense of replacement? Relining your existing tank is therefore a viable option.

Q. Why do holes appear in water tanks?

A. Corrosion! Corrosion will always happen without the correct measures in place. So planned preventative maintenance is very important to avoid further damage and extensive costs.

Q. Our GRP tank is leaking from the joints. Do you have a long term solution?

A. The mastic between the sectional joints can deteriorate over time. The mastic eventually fails resulting in a leak which if not treated deteriorates further. Our urethane coating is a viable solution for this problem and when applied in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines along with some structual alterations this will stop the leak.

Q. We have no room between the roof in the tank room and the top of the tank. What do we do about it?

A. Water tanks generally never seem to be in the most ideal places! We have vast experience and training in confined spaces so we are very aware of these issues. In the worst case scenario we can make access through the roof if required. The safety of our operatives is paramount but we will always find a solution for you.

Q. What is the difference between Urethane and Epoxy coating?

A. Both products are very good. Our recommendation will always be the optimum solution to meet your needs. The urethane coating has 35% flexibility and therefore is an ideal solution when you have an existing large structure such as a Braithwaite Section Steel Tank. These tanks can hold vast quantities of water and when full the tanks have to resist the high pressures from this water. The pressures are then reduced to practically zero when the tank is emptied and it is the changes in these pressures that result in the flexing of the tank. For smaller galvanised steel and pipe work the epoxy is ideal and is cheaper in material costs so you can save money on the overall project.

Q. Why not to use a Butyl or PVC Liner?

A. Butyl bags tend to come away from the structure over time. They are prone to leaks and splits especially during annual maintenance when engineers are climbing in and out of them for disinfection works. This can result in water stagnating behind the liner causing a risk of bacterial growth and Legionella but more worrying, which we have seen in a number of cases is the liner forcing the float valve downwards without release. This has resulted in thousands of pounds worth of serious flood damage to the building.

Q. Our products are WRAS/DWI Approved

A. All the products we use are WRAS and DWI approved. DWI means the product is approved for drinking water purposes as well as potable use. Many products on the market maybe WRAS but not always DWI. Please compare this with alternative costs when assessing quality and which avenue to take. This is very important should you decide later that you want the tank to start feeding drinking water services instead.

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Tank Reline completed a project for us recently. They were very professional, organised and most importantly in today’s climate very competitively priced. From start to finish the project ran perfectly and they always recommend relining tanks over a full replacement, I would use Tank Reline every time. Also we and our client were very impressed with the photographic reports produced and thought this was a good touch to a great job.

Luke Tanton, Stonegrove Limited

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Tank Reline are certified members of the LCA, which means our management systems are specially designed to assist our clients in controlling their Legionella risk. We are also accredited to the highest standards for Health & Safety, Quality & Environment. See below for a selection of the organisations with whom our company and staff are certified.

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