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Tank Reline completed a project for us recently. They were very professional, organised and most importantly in today’s climate very competitively priced. From start to finish the project ran perfectly and they always recommend relining tanks over a full replacement, I would use Tank Reline every time. Also we and our client were very impressed with the photographic reports produced and thought this was a good touch to a great job.

Luke Tanton, Stonegrove Limited

11th December 2016 - - 0 comments


Water tanks come in various shapes, sizes and conditions. Sometimes upon first inspection, one might think the water tank is unsalvageable and needs replacing entirely. However, the size, shape and condition does not affect whether or not it can be re-lined. At Tank Reline we prepare the water tanks using a specialist grit blasting technique to ensure the surface achieves the correct profile to be re-lined (preparation is essential for a success tank reline). We use a special, unique product called Tank Reline 165 DWPU which has been exclusively designed for Tank Reline’s sole use. Tank Reline 165 DWPU is a high-build, fully tested and approved solvent-free polyurethane coating and provides enormous amounts of benefits when relining water tanks.

Here are Tank Reline’s top 5 reasons to reline a water tank.

1. Guarantee

When Tank Reline takes on a job to re-line a water tank, the work is guaranteed, therefore in the unlikely event the tank needs follow-up care, Tank Reline would be on hand. The majority of manufacturers of new water tanks in the UK can only offer a 12-month guarantee. Tank Reline is unaware at this time of any UK manufactures/installers that offer longer than 12 months warranty for new water tanks. Once the 12 months has passed, the client is left to manage any after-care themselves (ultimately the system is not covered under any warranty and the client is left with the problem).
2. Save Money

Replacing a water tank in its entirety can be a demanding job, which comes with huge expense. Opting to reline instead of replacing will save you money and provide you with a guarantee.

3. Save Time

A complete replacement tank is a very big job, and one that should not be undertaken lightly. By opting to reline the water tank instead of replacing you keep disruption to your business to an absolute minimum and you can expect the work to be completed in a much quicker turnaround.

4. Water safety

When Tank Reline undertake a re-line, a full on-site assessment will be completed using the latest technology on a PDA based system which is instantly reported back to our project team achieving a prompt response. This is because we want to ensure we have advised you on the best and most appropriate course of action. We also offer a range of services which run hand in hand with relining a tank. For example, Tank Reline offers a clean and disinfection/chlorination service upon completion of a reline which means the tanks are cleaned in accordance with the latest health and safety guidelines, giving our clients additional peace of mind and results in our client not needing to return to site to commission the system themselves. This is one thing most of our competitors do NOT offer (so please be aware of this when reviewing quotation proposals). Let us do all this for you, leaving you with your other water treatment services for your client instead.

5. Protect against corrosion

Unfortunately, the way in which potable steel water tanks are designed they can be susceptible to general wear and tear and corrosion. Although this is inevitable during the life cycle of a water tank, the exclusive coating Tank Reline use when relining tanks fights against this corrosion because of its high-build solvent free ingredients.

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Tank Reline are certified members of the LCA, which means our management systems are specially designed to assist our clients in controlling their Legionella risk. We are also accredited to the highest standards for Health & Safety, Quality & Environment. See below for a selection of the organisations with whom our company and staff are certified.

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