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Tank Reline completed a project for us recently. They were very professional, organised and most importantly in today’s climate very competitively priced. From start to finish the project ran perfectly and they always recommend relining tanks over a full replacement, I would use Tank Reline every time. Also we and our client were very impressed with the photographic reports produced and thought this was a good touch to a great job.

Luke Tanton, Stonegrove Limited

14th October 2016 - - 0 comments

We often take for granted having fresh running water from our kitchen taps, or a hot bath at our finger tips from our bathroom water supply, but have you ever thought about what could be in the water that we rely on so heavily to survive? And why it is so important to have well-treated, carefully looked after water?

Various types of bacteria and viruses, which are essentially disease-causing organisms can be found in pretreated and/or inadequately treated water

Viruses are the smallest form of microorganisms capable of causing disease, particularly those of a fecal origin infectious to humans by waterborne transmission; bacteria are typically single-celled microorganisms that can also cause health problems in humans, animals or plants, despite many form’s abilities to aid in water pollution control.

We have heard of news stories such a recent one in the Telegraph where people in South Yorkshire were advised not to use water from their taps because of a high risk of bacteria which has been detected in the water supply. The water company had to supply bottled water to the residents affected until the potentially life-threatening issue was resolved.

The reason we place so much importance on looking after water tanks by relining and repairing is because of the risk of bacteria associated with an unkempt, leaking, old water tank.  From some of the pictures you can see the deterioration of the old water tanks from the inside view and what we have to remember is that until that tank is refurbished and restored the water is sitting within this potentially contaminated environment.

Tank Reline is an industry leader in the repair & relining of water storage vessels and water storage tanks associated with The Control of Legionella Bacteria (Approved Code of Practice L8). It is so incredibly important that whichever company you use to reline your tanks are accredited and approved.

Newly repaired and relined water tank to hold fresh water clean of any potential bacteria.

In addition to the Tank Reline work we complete for you, we also provide a specialist cleaning and chlorination service for all the water retaining structures we reline and refurbish. From small galvanised steel tanks to large  concrete reservoirs, we have the resources and skills to manage the cleaning of these tanks and systems.  Utilising specialist cleaning and jetting equipment along with specific health and safety equipment we can safely, quickly and effectively clean tanks, minimising downtime whilst ensuring the safety of all involved.

To avoid the risk of bacteria in water and to keep your customers, residents or the public safe please contact us to discuss your job in more depth.

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Recognised industry standards

Tank Reline are certified members of the LCA, which means our management systems are specially designed to assist our clients in controlling their Legionella risk. We are also accredited to the highest standards for Health & Safety, Quality & Environment. See below for a selection of the organisations with whom our company and staff are certified.

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