Product Description
Scotchkote Epoxy Coating 162PW has been specifically developed as a 100% solids lining for the internals of tanks, vessels and other equipment in contact with potable water.

Product Features
• Combines good application characteristics with excellent corrosion protection and
chemical resistance.
• Designed for application in two or more coats by brush or roller.
• Is primarily intended for use on steel.

To comply with the conditions of approval under Regulation 31(4)(a), this product must be applied in accordance with the approved Instructions For Use Document 10T-F, available from the Northallerton Technical Centre on request.
• Adhesion – Excellent to both blast cleaned and mechanically scraped surfaces.
• Abrasion Resistance – Excellent resistance to abrasion and mechanical damage.
• Chemical Resistance – Unaffected by most industrial chemicals.

General Application Steps
1. Remove oil, grease and loosely adhering deposits.
2. Abrasive blast clean steel surfaces to NACE No. 2/SSPC-SP10 Near White Metal, ISO 8501:1, Grade SA21?2 .
3. Apply Scotchkote Epoxy Coating 162PW at the specified thickness.
4. Allow to cure.
5. Visually or electrically inspect the coating for defects.
6. Repair all defects.


Application Procedures for 3MTM ScotchkoteTM
Epoxy Coating 162PW

Surface Preparation
Steel Surfaces – Steel surfaces should be abrasive blasted in accordance with NACE No 2/SSPC-SP10 Near White Metal, ISO 8501-1 grade Sa21?2 or equivalent. The blast profile is generally specified by the client, a typical profile is 75-100 microns. Where blast cleaning cannot be carried out the surface should be mechanically abraded to remove all loose scale and produce a surface which is clean, dry and free from rust or dust and provide a coarse surface profile.

Product Mixing
Scotchkote Epoxy Coating 162PW is a two component material comprising Part A (Base) and Part B (Activator) components which must be mixed together prior to use. Stir the contents of the Part A (Base) component, continue stirring and gradually add the total contents of the Part B (Activator) container, stir the combined mix until completely homogeneous.
The mixed materials should be used within 45 minutes of mixing at 20°C. This time will be reduced at higher temperatures and extended at lower temperatures.

Application Procedures
a) Multi Coat/Stripe Coat Applications.
Do not apply when the Relative Humidity exceeds 70% or when the surface to be coated is less than 3°C above the dew point. Minimum temperature for application and subsequent curing is 10°C.
b) Single Coat Application. Do not apply when the Relative Humidity exceeds 85% or when the surface to be coated is less than 3°C above the dew point. Minimum temperature for application is 7°C.
Scotchkote Epoxy Coating 162PW is primarily designed for application by brush or roller. Good quality brushes or short to medium pile rollers should be used for these methods of application The product should be applied to give a uniform even coating thickness and optimum results are achieved when both material and substrate temperatures above 15°C.
Clean all equipment immediately after use with 3MTM ScotchkoteTM Thinners SA65.

Packaging and Storage
Supplied in 1 litre and 5 litre packs
Use within 5 years of date of manufacture. Store in original sealed containers at temperatures between 5°C and 32°C.

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Luke Tanton, Stonegrove Limited

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